Friday, October 4, 2019

Rawlsian Civil Disobedience Speech or Presentation

Rawlsian Civil Disobedience - Speech or Presentation Example However, this kind of struggle is not the kind of struggle swamped with blood and precious life. It is the kind of resistance to injustice employing non-violent means, the kind of struggle wherein civil disobedience takes center stage. After all, I've always believed that violence breeds violence and that pure goals can never justify impure or violent actions. After World War 1, I began the Indian campaign for home rule and as a strong advocate of Satyagraha - "truth and firmness" -- I launched the movement ofnon-violent resistance to Great Britain. My protest against the Rowlatt Acts led to the slaughter of Indians at Amritsar by British soldiers; and in 1920, when the British government failed to make amends, I declared an organized campaign of non-cooperation. With this campaign, my fellow Indians in public office walked out from their jobs, government agencies were boycotted and Indian children were withdrawn from government schools. As a consequence, all throughout India, streets were blocked with crouching Indians who declined to rise even when beaten by police. True to expectations, I was again arrested. Economic independence for India, involving the absolute boycott of British goods, was an outcome of my Swaraj movement.

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