Tuesday, May 28, 2019

In order for the customers to purchase the Nokia 6600 from the retailer, :: Business Management Studies

In order for the customers to purchase the Nokia 6600 from the retailer,Sales and customer serviceTask 1IntroductionA sales promotional material whitethorn be defined as on attempt to create interest inand stimulate sales of a product or service by a non-standard activityin a limited period of time, or with a controlled amount of product(while stocks last)In many ways, a sales promotion is a link between advertising anddirect selling. It gives the advertiser an extra benefit to draw tothe consumers attention, persuading them to go to the shops, and itallows the manufacturers sales person to renew the interest ofthe retailer by having something new to discuss or offer.There are two types of promotion* Trade promotions- manufacturers promoting to retailers and wholesalers.* Consumer promotions- manufacturers or retailers promoting to the final consumer.I go forth promote mobile phone Nokia 6600. It is important to understandthat sales promotion includes more than just money off v oucher on thepocket of a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) In order for thecustomers to purchase the Nokia 6600 from the retailer, the latter hashad to be persuaded to stock the product in the first place. For thisto be achieved, I will capture to educate its sales- force on thedistinctive selling features of the product, which is Nokia 6600 inorder to help it persuade the retailer to stock it.This is picture of Nokia 6600Components of a sales promotionFirms often refer to promotion above the line and below the line.Above the line promotion is through independent media, such astelevision or newspapers. These allow stanchs to reach a wide audienceeasily. Most advertising is carried out above the line. Someadvertising, however, is carried out by methods over which a blind drunk hasdirect control, such as direct mailing. These and other direct methodsof promotion (know as below the line promotion)Below the line promotion allows a firm to aim its marketing atconsumers it knows are in terested in the product. Above the lineadvertising in newspaper means that the promotion is seen by nigh ofthe readers, even though some will not be interested. With below theline promotions, firms are usually aiming their message at consumerswho are either known to them or who have been chosen in advance. Forexample, direct mail advertisers will pick exactly which consumersthey wish to send their mail to, rather than going for book bindingcoverage.Nokia 6600 sales promotion objectives are* Increase awareness and interest* Achieve a switch in buying behavior from competitor brands* Incentive consumers of declare a purchase of my brand Nokia 6600

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