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Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Many people go around and live their lives, seeing umteen of their acquaintances daily. What they may not know, Is what they do in their free time. So many people go home, out, anywhere they want, and they smoke pot. Having many otherwise material bodys, Its proper name Is ganja which Is made by the Cannabis plant. To the eyes of many, fastball pot Is dangerous and Immoral. To the users, It could be the opposite. It Is Illegal today, which Is a topic discussed among a wide smorgasbord of people today In the US, and even the world.Many people believe that it should be legalized for a wide variety of purposes. Those who ar opposed, feel its too dangerous to be put on the market. The legalization of marijuana is discussed about in all parts of the country, and could help in treating diseases and helping patients, but could also lead to much(prenominal) teen use, and even deaths. Today, there argon more than a dozen states, which pay back legalized marijuana, many for medicinal purposes. Although it may not cure diseases, it helps many patients to avoid, suppress, and palliate the pain. in that respect are many sissies In particular that it helps to alleviate. Glaucoma Is just one disease that the effects, untreated, can lead to pain, discomfort, and blindness. In general, Glaucoma is a condition that causes pressure within the eyeball. Glaucoma is when ill-treat occurs to the optic nerve, and leads to a series of eye conditions. There are several types, but the four major ones are open-angle (chronic) glaucoma, angle-closure (acute) glaucoma, congenital glaucoma, and secondary glaucoma. Glaucoma is the second lead story cause of blindness.Once marijuana is smoked, it may alleviate the reassure. Other medications can be prescribed, but these prescription drugs bedevil a tendency to lose their effectiveness (Grids 1). ninefold Sclerosis is another ailment, that the effects are very crippling. Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is an autoimmune disease that af fects the brain and spinal cord. Multiple Sclerosis has a commodious list of symptoms that may cause pain, and/or make the patient feel ill at ease(predicate) to be In their own body (Sieve 1). Talk show host, Monnet Williams, duologue about his first hand experience with Multiple Sclerosis.Williams had said, When the neurologist said hose words You have MS It hit me Like a brick. I thought the diagnosis was a death sentence (http//mm. Mantels. Org/Mantels. PH). In his case, Monnet had episodes of excruciating pain, even prior to his diagnosis. He had been prescribed concoction, and opium, which had him suffering through painful and uncomfortable side effects. And now for many years, Monnet Williams has been using medical examination marijuana, inhibiting the pain caused by his disease. He has launched a public campaign, searching for a cure for MS, and the legalization of medical marijuana.Williams makes a excellent point, when he says he feels it should definitely be legaliz ed, but strict enough, so that people who actually need it, have access to it. Marijuana has allowed Monnet Williams to become a contributing member of society, and live his life again (The Dry. Oz show). But the list doesnt end there. Marijuana Is also used to treat Alchemists, Cancer, put in/AIDS, ALLS, and epilepsy (James 1). Studies have also shown that the Inhalation of marijuana has also decreased that chance of lung cancer, due to certain chemicals In side of the drug, stopping the growth of plaque.Many people are against it, because of the fact that it is a smoked drug, their own arsenal of prescription drugs in their homes. Medicine cabinets are filled with a bunch of prescription, or over the foreclose drugs, which are more addictive, more accessible, more harmful, and have more side effects, than marijuana. There is also lots of talk about the economic benefits of the legalization of marijuana. There are hundreds of economists that support the idea (Nonfat 1). It may no t end the economic crisis, but it may help us take one step immediate to becoming a prosperous nation once again. Once its legalized, it could be taxed.Once its taxed, it could bring in millions, or even billions of dollars, to the federal government. According to Jeffery A. Minor, if Marijuana was taxed want most other consumer goods, the tax revenue would be at least $2. 4 billion annually. However, if it fell nether the Sin Tax or baccy Tax (taxing products such as tobacco or alcohol) annual revenue may generate up to $6. 2 billion. It will also create thousands of Jobs in agriculture, packaging, marketing, and advertising (Minor 1). Look at California for instance. Since marijuana was glazed in 1996, it has accumulated a total of $14 billion, from annual revenue.This also ties into federal expenses, on containing the drug, and enforcing the law. Many users feel that this is a prohibition, not having legal access to the drug. So they must find other ways to obtain the drug. So me people go to such far ends, Just have one puff. A study was conducted, and in 2010, there were approximately 1,638,846 drug related arrests. About 853,869, a modest more than half were arrested, because of marijuana (Borden 1). But if you go even further, you will notice that in only 100,000 asses, approximately, there was actually any use of marijuana.The other 750,000 were charged on the means that it was in their possession. This shows two things. One, that its not as addictive as its perceived to be. Two, all those resources that are put towards the law enforcers, could be put towards crimes that are more serious. It would allow state police and officers to concentrate on crimes such as drunk driving, school shootings, stalking, burglaries, robberies, child abuse, etc (Stammer 1). So in total, the legalization of marijuana can help treating patients with serious disease, eve economic benefits, and decrease government spending.Which is not so bad, but people are more worried about shun effects on the communities. Although there are many positive effects of the legalization of marijuana, there are some negative effects that people are worried about. First and foremost, many parents and adults are worried about the effects on the community, especially the youth. Many teens nowadays have been starting very young with different types of stuff from a wide variety of cigarettes, chewing tobaccos, alcohol, and marijuana. There are many seasons why students fall under the influence.People could Just feel stressed and anxious, and feel like marijuana is the cure to all of their problems. Others feel like they need to smoke in order to be cool, and so many fall under the peer pressure. According to surveys, the amount of marijuana use has decreased between the late asses and 2007. Now, the amount has started to increase, since 2006, the use among sophomores and seniors have started to increase. In a survey conducted National Institute on Drug Abuse, 7. 2 percent of 8th graders, 17. 6 percent of 10th graders, and 22. Percent of twelfth grader have smoked marijuana months prior to the survey (NADIA 1).There are many who also fear that it is a gateway drug. The younger kids start out smoking marijuana, then start going up the ladder to other tobaccos, cocaine, and but they sure leave a whole lot of side effects. There are short term side effects, and long term side effects. The short term side effects vary from impaired senses, cramps, hallucinations, paranoia, diarrhea, and an increased appetite (causing weighting gain). Long term effects include loss of brain cells, energy loss, apathy, cardiovascular robbers, addiction, and pregnancy defects.

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