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Language The monster Essay Example for Free

Language The monster Essay The setting makes the reader feel tense because the bad weather in chapter 5 gives the reader the idea that there is a sense that the atmosphere is very ominous and this gives the impression that something bad is going to happen, this type of omen gives the reader a tense feeling because it gives the reader an opportunity to pre-empt the fact that soon the tension will break and it will break into some kind of bad happening. An example of this is when in chapter 5 where there is a slight description of what is happening around the room, and outside the room the rain pattered dismally against the panes, and my candle was nearly burnt out this gives the impression to the reader that something big is soon to happen, because when your candle burnt out, you cant see anything. Pathetic Fallacy is when someone gives inanimate features to an inanimate object, for example if you were to talk to a cushion as though it was a real person. Pathetic Fallacy gives the reader thee impression that Victor within chapter 5 feels very isolated and cannot talk to anyone, this is because he doesnt want to tell anyone about his creation. Language The monster is described as having yellow skin and having a shrivelled complexion and straight black lips this explains that Victors creation has human features but they are presented in an inhuman way. The way that this creation is described is in the way that it isnt human but it is a monster. This connotes that the monster is rather frightening to think about with his yellow skin and to think it is human is very scary. Victor thinks of his monster as scary and intimidating, although in chapter 5 Victors creation doesnt actually do anything to Victor, he does actually run away from him when faced with him. One hand was stretched out, seemingly to detain me, but I escaped and rushed downstairs. This at this point of the story shows us that the monster is a bad thing to behold, that it was intending to seek revenge on Victor, but as the reader we dont know really what is happening. Also we dont actually know if Victors creation is actually as it says in the quote trying to detain me because he may be twisting the readers point of view, because of Victor being the narrator for most of the novel The reader associates monsters and devils with Victors monster because within chapter 5 when the monster is created. In the quote below gives a clear example of the creation being linked with omens and portents, when, by the dim and yellow light of the moon, as it forced its way through the window shutters, I beheld the wretch. This gives the impression that the creation is a sign of evil that is associated by the moon omen, because as well earlier in the chapter Victor claimed that the monsters eyes appeared to be yellow like the moon. The full moon omen is an association with evil because it is supposed that when the full moon comes out all you can hear is the howling of a werewolf and that is a sign of evil The effect of oxymorons helps the reader with the description of Victors monster in chapter 5 for example but these luxuries only formed a more horrific contrast with his watery eyes this quote is saying that victor made tried making his monster with beautiful characteristics but then says that these beautiful characteristics came out wrong with his watery eyes. This explains why Victor escapes from his creation later on in the chapter; he looks at the monsters hideous features and doesnt take into account his interior. Victor within chapter 5 uses the fact that he is the narrator to his advantage, because of this Victor can say anything about the monster he wants and because he is the narrator the reader will believe this one hand stretched out, seemingly to detain me this is a prime example of manipulating the reader at this point, because the narrator says seemingly to detain me everyone believes it. This has an intriguing effect on the audience because the first thing you do as a reader is believe everything that the narrator says , however in this sense the narrator is can be very manipulative and can take advantage of what the reader may know or may not know. This is different to what victor originally thought of his monster, originally Victor thought that his monster would be a good idea because it is an original idea and everyone would praise him for the thing he had created, then if it turned out well then even more praise would come his way. Although I possessed the capacity of bestowing animation, yet to prepare a frame for the reception of it this is showing that victor thought of creating animation as a good idea and that he couldnt wait to put it into practice. Originally Victor thought of his creation as a excellent idea and he wanted to be the inventor of a revolutionary idea, Victor wanted to be like god in a way, however as we find out through chapter 5 he doesnt even want the credit for his invention There is an ammount of symbolism within chapter 5, for instance the idea that Victor created life from nothing is symbolic to religion and how god apparently created everything from nothing from his own power. I collected the instruments of life around me this gi-ves the impression that victor thinks of himself as a god-like person, that maybe he thought after creating this he would be known in history. Conclusion I think that Mary Shelly did meet her aim to curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart because the novel always keeps the reader on edge all of the time, the reader never knows what is coming next. For its time I think that the novel was rather frightening for its time because at that time no-one knew anything that we know in modern day science, so this novel would be what is called sci-fi in the modern day. Today of all the people that still read this novel they still find it a fascinating read because it is quite sci-fi like even to us now, we may now know that you wont make life out of dead bodies using galvanism but it is still interesting.

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