Friday, June 14, 2019

Developing a better understanding of film-making and remakes Essay

Developing a better understanding of film-making and remakes - Essay ExampleIt shall discuss the idea of remaking flexibly, choosing to deal with cross-cultural remaking, including substantial elements of film-making. Issues of production, text, reception, and cultural translations shall be considered in this paper. This paper is being undertaken in array to develop a better understanding of film-making and its processes, including its interpretations of materials into various genres, languages, cultures, and conceptualizations. This paper shall first provide a picture comparative summary of both films, and then provide a deeper assessment of the film-making remaking concepts seen and applied in the movies. It shall end its discussion by summarizing and concluding the pertinent elements of this analysis. Body Ringu After teenagers picture a put down which is rumoured to be cursed, the teenagers soon die one after another through mysterious circumstances, most communal of which is fright. One of these teenagers is the niece of Reiko, an investigative reporter who was then prompted to investigate the story of a mysterious tape which is reportedly killing off anyone who watches it. During her investigation, she discovers that the face of teenagers who have watched the tape have been distorted somewhat. A cabin in the woods is also pictured in the pictures. Reiko proceeds to the cabin and ends up watching the tape herself. shortly after watching , she receives a phone call telling her that she would die in a week. She then seeks the help of her ex-husband Ryuji who also proceeds to watch the video. Her son finds the tape and watches it as well. A copy of the tape was made for them to study. They find a hidden message on the film which leads them to the Izu Oshima Island where they find unwrap that Sadako, who is allegedly committing the murders, was killed by her father. Thinking of appeasing Sadako, they find her watery grave and try to free her unforgivi ng spirit. However Sadako is still very much vengeful and, after tangling with Reiko, falls back into the well. When nothing happens to Reiko, they assume that the curse is broken. This proved to be wrong when the following day, Ryuji is killed by Sadako. Reiko soon finds out that since she made a copy of the film and let her ex-husband watch the movie, she broke the curse for herself. But the curse on her husband was not broken and caused his death. In order to prevent the death of her son, she makes a copy of the movie to pass on. The movie ends then, implying that the cycle, very much like a ring would never end. The Ring In the American version, the story more or less follows the Japanese plot. Minor differences are seen with the characters primarily being American, Rachel matching Reikos character Aidan being Rachels son, and Noah, being Rachels ex-boyfriend as opposed to ex-husband. Understandably, since the movie is an American interpretation, the island where the images in t he cursed film were seen is know as Moesko Island. Sadakos American counterpart is known as Samara. Analysis In general, the remake primarily proceeded as an Americanization of the Japanese version, from the characters, names, settings, and naturally, the language. On a deeper context, there are other elements of the remaking process which squeeze on the movies translation and interpretation. There are three important and applicable terms in assessing remakes, and these

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