Saturday, June 15, 2019

Psychology - Memory, Attention & Performance Essay

Psychology - Memory, Attention & Performance - Essay Exampleory serves as a filing cabinet in our brains but whizz that only holds files for a short circuit period of time, up to a minute or so without having practiced or rehearsed learning. After such time, those memories (files) are any discarded completely as they are either not important and not worth remembering or are not properly filed into large term memory, or they are in fact filed into our long term memories from short term memory. The capacity of short term memory is limited as is its ability to hold information for long periods of time.Long Term memory has not only a much larger capacity than sensory and short term memory, but also a much longer retention ability. In some cases, long term memory can retain information for a lifetime. Such can be the case with a phone name that is practiced within the an individuals memory though repetition, this number may remain in the persons long term memory for the span of their entire life.The types of long term memory are covert memory and explicit memory. Most memory that we can actually readily access is considered explicit memories. Explicit memories can be grouped into either asserting(a) or episodic memories. Episodic memories deal with personal events whereas declarative memory deals with general but factual information. Implicit memory is more subconscious memories that we forefathert necessarily realize that we remember but that does in fact influence our behaviors.Reasons why the memory of a healthy person may shit can be environmental such as medication induced memory loss. Some analgesics (pain killers) and anti -anxiety medications can cause memory loss in healthy persons. In many cases, memory loss can be due(p) to a normal aging process, People with memory loss due to something other than normal aging, such as Alzheimers disease, may feel that somethings not quite right, but theyre unable to pinpoint whats bothering them. Rather than c all attention to a memory lapse, they may behave as if

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