Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Intent of Forrest Gump Essays -- Art

The Intent of Forrest GumpNo, this isnt another essay about Forrest Gump and - oh, the great Ameri empennage dream. Instead, it is an essay about the marketability of a word picture in which all in all else is secondary. You have to understand the producers of Forrest Gump in order to understand why it succeeds. The producers, in the end, like every other being on earth want their movie to succeed. Forrest Gump, however great all the themes one may find it, is just another well-conceived product. Forrest Gump isnt just about the American Dream, nor is it about the way the dumb can succeed in the world especially not in the one where all things are interconnected and therefore competition is surely eminent. Forrest Gump is a Gordian set of universal wants and desires. In a way, Forrest Gump bends reality and creates a more livid world full of warm and compassion. The existence of a section named Jenny already bends reality, or rather, it reinforces a universal desire. Jenny exist s so the audience can find someone to fall back on, versed that all nices things happen in such movies as Forrest Gump. She creates stability and a back to fall back on in a world of unrighteousness (people who made fun of Forrest as a kid) and bad luck (Forrests low IQ). This is another movie about dumbasses that win In short, Forrest Gump is a feel good movie. When you first began to realize the man sitting on the bench as the feather flies around in the opening scene is the main fount of the mov...

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