Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Technology Management in Education Annotated Bibliography

Technology Management in Education - Annotated Bibliography ExampleThis base was important to my account of management of technology in education as it enabled me to conduct a clear picture of the concerns that accompany its use and the types of technological tools that rump presently be found in many schoolrooms. I also found it useful to learn the extent to which teachers are familiar with technology.This particular study examined the present trends of technology and the way that the concerns of teachers have developed over time. The investigate was carried out over a four year period and looked at devil hundred teachers who were assessed over aspects such as awareness, the amount of information they have concerning the use of technology in education and how exactly they manage this technology. This study looked at the concerns that teachers have over several levels of their professional development.In using this paper for my research, I was able to have a better understandi ng of the concerns of teachers and especially the feelings that they have over the implementation of technology and more importantly, the tools that they use in order to effectively manage this technology. this paper was especially important since it looks at the implementation crossways a number of international environments which I believe enabled my paper to be more comprehensive.In this particular study, the author presents a report on the research that she has done on schools and how teaching has evolved in the 21st century. She examines the impact that technology has had on the field of education and examines how education has moved from instances where teachers stood in front of the classroom to one which focuses more on collaboration and centered on the student.This paper was critical to my research since it enabled me to learn how technology has enabled students become global citizens and some of the result characteristics of school curriculums in the 21st century. The pa per also enabled me to have an understanding of the strategies that are needed in

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