Sunday, September 22, 2019

Hong Kong Government dealing with Pollution problems Essay

Hong Kong Government dealing with Pollution problems - Essay Example In this paper, we particularly look at Hong Kong’s strategy of limiting emission of chlorofluorocarbons and analyze its effectiveness. As one of the most important export hubs of Asia, Hong Kong is beset with pollution problems which are regarded as the inevitable and necessary consequences of development (Ibid.). The amount of air pollution in Hong Kong, primarily come from the city’s dense population, from the factories and power stations that emit smoke, from the seemingly endless construction activities as well as the increasing number of vehicles which all have contributed to the very dangerous levels of air pollutants like particulate matter or the so-called RSP and the greenhouse gas nitrogen dioxide or NO₂ (Lou, 2007). In fact, the situation has been so bad that the visibility level in the area has been recorded at less than eighty kilometers for about thirty percent of a year (Ibid.). One of the most felt effects of Hong Kong’s high level of air pollution have been mostly on the residents’ health, which range from allergies like rhinitis, bronchial ailments, and asthma, among others. However, such are not the only effects of air pollution, as researches have reported many others as well as other causes and related issues, which will be tackled in further details in this paper. This paper intends to take a further look at Hong Kong’s pollution problem that has been very alarming even among the international institutions and companies who have stakes in the city, in relation to how the Hong Kong government responds to the situation. In the attempt to carefully analyze the government’s mechanisms and programs that have been put in place to resolve the issue at hand, as well as the milestones and failures of the government’s efforts, this paper will first take a look at the whole scenario to provide better understanding of the responses to it. The Government’s Strategies. The Hong Kong government, as a

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