Friday, September 13, 2019

London 2012 Olympic Games Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

London 2012 Olympic Games - Case Study Example Therefore, there are vital lessons to be learnt from the previous events. This is especially true regarding the costs and failures of the events. Nevertheless, the organization faces several challenges. There are challenges in avoiding the repetition of previous failures observed in Beijing and Sydney Olympics. The previous Olympics gained negative acclaims relating to their ineffective consideration for the fans. In Sydney, the tickets were pricy; therefore, the local population was largely uninvolved. In Beijing, the authorities priced the tickets incredibly low, making the locals buy the tickets with no intention of attending. This presented the challenge of empty seats. This presents the challenge of involving the whole nation in the games. However, since this problem is not in isolation, the committee has to factor in the challenge of revenues from the tickets. This means extremely low prices are not an option in involving the nation. Another problem relating with the fans is the choice of funs. The committee bears the challenge of improving the energy of the games through having knowledgeable funs in the stadia. This is an immense challenge since it is impossible to restrict access to tickets to such fans. The other challenge is in controlling the attendance of the fans, to avoid oversubscription in some and low attendance, in some games. The constraints in achieving the goals also include the short period the committee is in operation. Additionally, though the committee can lay potentially effective plans, some of the preparation depends on the city. For example, the construction of new facilities and upgrading of already existing infrastructure is dependent on cooperation from the city. The opportunities in overcoming the challenges lie, in such cases, in establishing amiable communication with other participating authorities. To be able to involve the whole nation, the committee may chose to establish competitions and lotteries based on

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