Thursday, September 12, 2019

Theology Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Theology Paper - Essay Example Again, there is the aspect of religions being traditions that have been handed down from old times. Similarly, Freud seems to agree that all religions are the same since it is forbidden to question the authentication of religion. Because of this, Freud points out that any presumptuous thing was met with severest of penalties and that even up to the present, the society criticizes anybody who questions religion. According to Freud, the society is aware of the shortcomings of religions and this is why it does not tolerate the questioning of religious doctrines. The only reason for obeying religious doctrine is because the ancestors believed in the religious doctrines and ideals. Freud seems to indirectly and cleverly say that religion is a mythical affair founded upon ignorance when he says that people simply obey religion because their forefathers believed in them and that these ancestors were far more ignorant than the current generation is (Freud, 33-5). Freud continues that he does not deny the truthfulness of religion and the ability to prove the truth of religious doctrine. By the truth of religious doc trine, Freud means that religion contains values that when disobeyed can lead to social breakdown and that the doubts and fears that ancestors had are the same with the ones in the present generation. Nevertheless, the above discussion concerns Freud’s personal position and understanding of religion. It is interesting how Freud, a psychologist develops a standpoint so wide and authoritative on religion, a field that concerns metaphysical beings. Far from the average idea that all religions are a social construct meant at maintaining and securing social order, not all religions are about the same thing [if the same thing is about maintaining social order]. Some religions such as the Abrahamic faiths [Judaism, Christianity and Islam] are too

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