Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Narrative question Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Narrative question - Coursework Example This raised concern that there was a dark spirit in the sea and people no longer visited the sea. A certain scientist became curious, forgetting that it killed the cat; he wanted to know more about the lonely sea. He started his journey to the Dark Continent, to the abandoned sea. At his arrival, he was surprised at its beauty. There was this pleasant undulating landscape, the sea was quiet and very appealing to look at. The shores were clean and the breeze was cool. He decided to make a tent at the shore, so that he could spend his night there. The surrounding looked safe as everything was as clear as someone slashed the area around the shore to clear all the bushes and the trash. He looked like a King on His throne ruling His subjects when he got out of the tent to again take a look around from his ‘’palace’’. He then went back inside to sleep, and from the beginning, he enjoyed spending a night at the sea shore, in a tent. His dynasty remained peaceful a s he begun to slumber until the unthinkable happened! There was a loud bang, BWAAH! It was like as loud as thunder. The scientist woke up from his slumber and begun to shake like a chameleon on a twig. He woke up fast like lightening and he got shocked. His heart popped that, for a moment, he thought his heart would get off his chest. Looking outside the tent, he could not believe his eyes! ‘What a nightmare!’ he exclaimed. Whatever he could see before him could not exist anywhere in the world. It was so scary to be true. The ‘monster’ was so huge and walked with its salivating, mouth wide open towards the helpless scientist. The wideness of its mouth, made the scientist to remember for a moment where he had heard or read about such wide openness of a mouth. He thought quickly that he once read it from another story book about how wide the gates of hell will be when Jesus comes back. The scientist got paralyzed, he could not move an inch, and all he could w ish of was to wake up and find out it was just a nightmare. For a moment he assumed he was asleep and going through a nightmare. He thought that was the worse mare of all he had ever had before. He wished he never even made the decision to go to the Dark Continent. An ugly looking monster stood before the scientist, a cold chill ran down his spin and his legs could hardly support him. Alas! The ugly thing moved near him, took him by its hands. It was such a giant that the poor scientist felt like an ant; so helpless and defenseless. It was a man eating monster and the poor scientist’s dear life had come to an end. A made the biggest shout like a trumpet. Several people come from around and all witnessed this all. Alas! It was too late for them to help. The misery about the disappearance of people became unraveled and there were witnesses, even though people kept on wondering how what they saw is called. The people then decided to name the sea, ‘The Red Sea’ follo wing the fact that a lot of people had been lost in the same sea mysteriously. The name of the wondrous creature, though, remained unknown till date even though many people saw it. Until today I have never seen or heard about the monster again. May be it still lives in the sea or it

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